The Fernetti Government

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After the resignation of Soccersian and the collapse of the Coalition Government, Fernetti took sole charge of Liberalia. The Fernetti government term ended in late October 2006.

There was a minor reshuffle and many of the nations which resigned from the Coalition Government were subsequently offered their old posts back. Random Textbox Input was offered Services replacing Ardalia who moved to the Secretariat of Justice under Curiaistan. Soccersian took over Recruitment replacing RTI and Fishyguy moved into Finance.

The Fernetti government received great praise for making Liberalia more peaceful then it was in the past, by calming down tensions between Liberalia and The Serenade, dramatically reducing fear of spies in the region. Whilst there has been spying attempts, they are no longer as threatening or serious as in the past. Prime Minister Kurt was accused of being Julio Trigman but there was no resolution by the time the term came to an end.

The Fernetti Government was also notable for progressive bills with a liberal instinct, flagship bills included the Higher Education Act, Education and Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and Banning of Capital Punishment. The Stem Cell Research Act authored by Curiaistan was passed later on. On top of that, Curiaistan continued with reform of some of the older laws in which there were still references to WWSETI.

The final act of this government was the unexpected passing of the Prostitution Act to safeguard the rights and lives of Prostitutes.

The Fernetti Government was also notable for setting up The Farlane University of Liberalia.

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